One of the most welcome innovations from Dragon Ball Super They are the angels, creatures of a divine nature who are charged with serving the gods of destruction to whom they are assigned. However, we still know very little about these numbers; How are they made?

During the recently concluded Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga we first admired an angel still in training. However, after Merus broke Angel Laws over Goku and planet Earth, he was literally wiped out.

But how was it possible? It's obvious that in Dragon Ball Super, the angels are turned on a completely different life plan from that of mortals. For this very reason, and to justify the disappearance of Merus, these creatures could only consist of divine energy.

If there were angels made of pure energythen it would be evident that the high priest could immediately discover the deed Merus had committed. However, that answer begs another question: How are angels born? They could be born of the high priest or even some as yet unknown power.

With Whis and Beerus recalled to the angelic communityPerhaps it is time for Toriyama and Toyotaro to give us some answers. In the meantime, let's find out how to get Vegeta back to Goku in Dragon Ball Super. Apparently, Ultra Instinct could get even stronger in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super saga.

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