The Culling Game is the scene of a new big challenge. Kinji Hakari managed to save Panda from confronting Hajime Kashimo, one of Yuji's group's main targets. Finally, Hakari seems serious, but his techniques seem to entertain the opponent, as shown in Chapter 187 Jujutsu Kaisen now on MangaPlus.

The sixth part of the second Tokyo colony begins with the restless thoughts kashimo. The antagonist seeks to understand the workings of Hakari's domain and technology by carefully studying all the information in his possession. The instantaneity with which Hakari's augment activates doesn't give Kashimo time to attack. However, the key lies in the time that separates the immortality of the Jujutsu High student of his attempt to remake the jackpot and reclaim a time frame in which he is immortal again.

When the tack transitions to changing odds, Kashimo must act. Brawls and moments of reflection and strategy alternate constantly, making it a battle on a physical and mental level. Hakari manages to hit the jackpot again, and instead of worrying, Kashimo looks delighted and excited. He wants to be able to defeat him during his immortality.

At the final tables, Gege Akutami decides to change the atmosphere by bringing the readers close to a wooded area. Here Kenjaku meets an older man who asks him who is the most powerful magician. "Sukuna. It was 600 years ago, sorry. But it's undeniable" At these words, surrounded by electric shocks, the mysterious individual admits his desire to confront Sukuna.

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