On the official page for the manga by Yuu Kuraishi and illustrated by Kazu inabe, Denjin N.It was reported that the work ended today with the publication of the thirty-seventh chapter.

Denjin N.

Kuraishi and Inabe have started publishing the manga through the app Comic days from the publisher Kodansha in April 2019. Inabe took care of the illustrations while Kuraishi wrote them, as well Kuu Tanaka The original idea was ascribed to him. The publisher published the third compilation volume on May 13th.

Denjin N Synopsis

The psychological horror story revolves around a wretched supermarket worker named Tadahiro, whose only consolation is to watch idol videos in virtual reality. Tadahiro dropped out of high school because of the unhappy environment his family lived in. His part-time boss treats him badly. That's why he always retreats to the screens so that his favorite idol Kanzaki soothes her with his constant jokes, his more direct.

One day Tadahiro is fighting very hard with his mother while she was drunk and his body undergoes an unthinkable and strange change after a certain incident.

Source: ANN

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