The new series Future state: The next Batman brought us to know Bruce Wayne's successor, Tim "Jace" Fox. But in order to save Gotham City from magistrate control, the Dark Knight needs all the help he can get.

Future State: The next Batman volume 2 opens with the Batman a crime scene extremely new. But while the blood is still gushing from the victim's body, his killers appear to have stolen no valuables. What is the reason for the murder?

Batman breaks into a shop to view footage from a surveillance camera that appears to have recorded the murder and takes the video to someone named Vol, who appears to be able to track down the killers. But The magistrate appears on siteand forced the bat man to fight to escape.

He manages to hide in a container, the hero of Gotham turns back to voland asked him what he had found out about the case. Once the necessary information is available, Tim Fox burns the device he used to call his mysterious partner to protect him from the magistrate.

It is not yet clear who Vol is, but it now seems clear that it is him Batman's new buddy and that this character has the same role as Oracle, aka Barbara Gordon. Let's find out what happened to her in Future State: The Next Batman. Tim Fox is the protagonist of the new Batman story.

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