The defeat of Orochi and Kaido has definitely materialized in recent appointments with the manga of ONE PIECE. The battle between Monkey D. Luffy and the Emperor ended in an epic and painful victory for Wano, who has finally regained his freedom thanks to the new Shogun, presented in Chapter 1052, available now on Manga Plus.

Justified "A new morning' The chapter begins with a brief update from Marijoa, the capital of world government, regarding the appearance of Nika and the overthrow of Emperors Kaido and Big Mom. Meanwhile, Wano's borders remain closed, and CP0 ponders how to catch Nico Robin when he's interrupted by interference: Someone from the Navy is on the way.

The scene then moves to Wano. After 20 years of tyrannical rule, life is finally back to normal. A short interlude shows Hawkins and Drake, exhausted by battle and death, read the tarot by Hawkins himself the day before. Seven days after the end of the war, the capital of flowers seems to have regained a sense of well-being and serenity thanks to the leadership of the new shogun.

They are taught at school the legendary exploits of Kozuki Oden, everyone can drink drinking water and move freely and outdoors, no longer polluted by toxic factory fumes. Kin'emon wants to build a temple dedicated to Oden and while Luffy and Zoro have finally recovered from the superhuman efforts of battle. Yamato abruptly warns Momonosuke, who is from the Mugiwara.

It's time for the Straw Hat Pirates to relax too. However, the party air is broken by the arrival of the latest issue of the World Economy News Paper, shown to Kidd by Apoo. The newspaper indicates the new sizes of the pirates who took part in the war, and above all the names of the new emperors. The new era of piracy begins, but the first obstacle is approaching: Admiral Ryokugyu is on his way.

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