In the last arc of My hero academy Author Kohei Horikoshi has chosen to deal more or less directly with open-ended questions that also affect secondary heroes. After Shoto vs. Dabi, another challenge weighs on Endeavor and Hawks, who agreed to work with one of his students in Chapter 355.

The momentary Endeavor’s absence from the battlefield, after the blow suffered by All For One, put Hawks in a deadly situation. Fortunately, however, the Pro Hero was saved by the timely intervention of Kyoka Jiro and Fumikage Tokoyami. Despite initial concerns about her involvement, Hawks once again directly asked Tsukuyomi if she could help him.

The young man’s reaction was evidently immediate and positive. A quick exchange that could relate to the period of Internship of Tokoyami in number two’s agency. The experience was unlike what the student had imagined, who grew stronger between the anger and frustration he felt after discovering he was only accepted because Hawks wanted to have contact with Class 1-A and also perfected the use of the class Dark Shadow.

Tsukuyomi’s improvements have not gone unnoticed by Hawks, who continues to see great potential in the boy. Just remember when he took him on a flight over the city, an experience from which the Dark fallen angel. The theme of passing the baton from one generation to the next of Heroes takes shape precisely in the relationship between Tsukuyomi and Hawks, although they are often forgotten, and Horikoshi brought them together in one of the most important circumstances for the future of Heroes’ society.

Finally we leave you with the hypotheses about chapter 356 of My Hero Academia.

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