The final phase of Pokemon: Explorations proves to be full of returns and updates regarding characters Ash met several years ago. Ketchum actually chose to return to Alola first and then go to Professor Oak before the start of the final part of the World Championship, where he faced his historical rival.

Episode 114 marked the return of Paul, who trained throughout the series Pokemon Diamond and Pearl has handicapped the protagonist several times. To make this unexpected reunion even more meaningful, the two met after a few years. An incredible opportunity given Ash's desire to prepare for the series of challenges that await him at the tournament.

Even though Paul has not yet reached the level of Ketchum, his career promises to be bright. In fact, it is revealed by Professor Oak that Paul went to him to deepen his knowledge of Pokémon since he was asked to become a gym manager. It hasn't been stated whether or not he accepted, but Paul seems to have all the makings of a gym manager and presents a real challenge for anyone trying to join the Pokémon League.

Did you enjoy Paul's return to anime? Tell us what you think in the comments. Finally, we remind you that Episode 115 will launch the final phase of the tournament, leaving you with an analysis of the Top 8 of the World Coronation Series.

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