The Japanese TV station a few hours ago NHK announced the upcoming release of a live-action miniseries centered around Rohan Kishibe, the De JoJo's bizarre adventure: Diamond is unbreakable and protagonist of the secession So spoke Rohan Kishibe. The miniseries will be an adaptation of the latter, which Hiroiko Araki wrote in 2013.

The TV series will consist of three episodes, Broadcast on NHK channels on December 28, 29 and 30, 2020. As a miniseries, the third and final episode will finally close the story.

Issei Takahashi plays the protagonist Rohan Kishibe while the rest of the cast sees the participation of Marie Iitoyo (as Kyoka Izumi), Escape from Shibazaki (Ikkyu), Mirai Moriyama (Jugo Shishi), Kumi Takiuchi (May Katahira) e Tomoya Nakamura (Taro Hirai).

The spin-off from Hiroiko Araki counts nine self-contained chapters and the series, directed by the talented Kazutaka Watanabe, will adapt three: Millionaires' Village, Kushagara (written by Ballad Kitaguni) and DNA. At the moment nothing is known about a possible exit to the West.

What do you think about it? Are you going to restore this live action? Let us know with a comment! We remind you that two new series were recently announced, One Punch-Man and Steins; Gate are dedicated.

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