V-Jump is the magazine it has been published in for years Dragon Ball Super. This manga was written and drawn by Toyotaro, but in reality Uchida magazine editor and historical mangaka Akira Toriyama also play a huge role in creating the stories. The editor reveals these and other dynamics in a long interview.

  • Uchida is working on the series with Toyotaro and Toriyama. Toyotaro first prepares the storyboards and passes them on to Uchida, who reviews them and then forwards them to Toriyama. Because of this additional control of the Dragon Ball Mangaka, Toyotaro's prep plates are very detailed.
  • The first Dragon Ball Super 65 spoilers, released by the magazine to anticipate the content a bit and to keep readers on their toes, stop at page 8 There will be a big twist, according to editor Uchida. The other person on the staff presenting the video has the full tables and was amazed at the decision to stop the public previews right on page 8.
  • The story of the Molo saga has reached its climax, which means we will soon be getting closer to one new bow from Dragon Ball Super.
  • In two days, on October 16, the editor Uchida will be in a meeting with the mangaka to decide how to proceed. At this point they have to deal with reducing all of the story decisions prepared by Toyotaro and Toriyama until they reach the final ones that mark the new course. Usually you go from 10 to 3 ideas.
  • According to Uchida and others, "Migatte no Gokui" what we know as Ultra Instinct or Quintessence of Instinct is a cool name. Uchida says they decided Goku would take that direction in a meeting when Ultra Instinct was created. For this reason, during these first conversations, Uchida did not expect that the appearance would also change Toriyama's decision to create Goku with silver hair comes as a surprise.
  • You then talk about a play on words in "Migatte no Gokui" in which Migatte refers to the body moving on its own regardless of the character's will.
  • In meetings there is this level of power: Toriyama 100 million, Toyotaro 10 million and Uchida-100. There is great compatibility between Toriyama and Toyotaro and it seems that their ideas always travel on the same tracks without colliding. The two simply tend to stick to each other's ideas but maybe add their own details.
  • Another metaphor: Goku is Toriyama, Vegeta is Toyotaro, Yamcha is Uchida.
  • Uchida says he is lucky enough to be able to attend the meetings as he is a huge Dragon Ball fan.
  • The Volume 14 of Dragon Ball Super will be released on December 4th and will collect up to chapter 64.

So much detail about the series and its sequel, what surprised you with those words?

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