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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double - Final Chapter: I want to have fun with you next year!

After drinking too much and ending up half naked due to penalties for losing a game, sakurai You are ready to go home as planned fujio. be taken by taxi hana Y fujiois his Kuhai to accompany him to his apartment. A somewhat heated moment in that short time before sakurai fell into the futonpush hana but set her free by falling asleep without harming her.

The next day, Me is pretty happy because Yanagi sent him the photos they had taken sakurai his coming half-naked even to pay for her. hana that she was nervous to see her senpaiShe ended up being somewhat upset and reassured to learn that she had been drinking due to sakurai he remembers almost nothing. So they carry on like any other day and plan to go to the temple New Year Next sakaki, Me and his father.

As the days passed, the New Year's Eve arrived and sakurai really remembered everything that happened at the party Christmas with hana and his family. To be eaten when I think about it alone for so long sakurai call before sakaki Y Akihiko to talk to them about it. sakaki encourages him not to sit still now that he knows the feelings hanameanwhile he and Akihiko they will support it.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!  Double - Final Chapter
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Details on Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double - Final Chapter

Finally the breakup of the party came. Christmasand with her one of the moments that made me laugh the most Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Doublethe scene when the doujinshi wanted to turn around canyon. Although I found this scene quite funny in the manga, I personally think the adaptation beats the original source quite a bit. Still, I felt like it contrasted better comedy.

Shortly thereafter, this scene also appeared kiri with your group of friends. Moment that also made me laugh like his appearance in the previous episode. A comedic moment that eased the tension a bit when the plot got too serious. Something I didn't dislike given the short time both moments had on screen.

Like the previous episode, Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double – Final Chapter featured its moments of awkwardness between characters. Only this time instead of in between sakurai and his future father-in-law, was between sakurai Y hana. Something that would seem normal lately, but this time the main reason was her feelings. That was one of the points I was expecting in this second season's adaptation.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!  Double - Final Chapter
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To be honest, I didn't expect the season finale to go like this. In fact, I'm almost certain that going to the temple in New Year had some "adjustments" in the adaptation. See for example Akihiko, Me Y sakaki in the car to watch the show from afar. I don't remember it being in the manga, but whether it is or not, I'm very thankful that I was able to see a moment of "closeness" in between Me Y sakaki.

By the way, the ending I thought the season would be the day after partying by Christmaswith a sakurai to be eaten up mentally, a hana somewhat happy and embarrassed about what happened and a fujio with her complicated feelings about hana Y sakurai. Leaving an ending with some suspense for a hypothetical sequel. Of course, I still believe that he achieved that goal.

Characters and their contribution to the plot

While the first season introduced the characters to the story, I think this second season focused a lot more on the development of the protagonists. Of course, as I've repeated several times, the development of the protagonists was mostly due to the support of the secondary characters. However, apart from the fact that the main characters themselves also had their own development, in my opinion that was practically nil compared to what they had with the help of other characters. What I feel first goes unnoticed.

As for the secondary characters, although I think they were the main engine for the development of the protagonists, the truth is that they leave me to do the duty myself. I understand this is one Romantic comedy and that for it hana Y sakurai in the spotlight, but I would have liked to know more about the main supporting characters Akihiko, Me Y sakaki. Even if no other relationship has developed at the moment (such as I send between the last two).

It's only in the last few chapters that I've started to see development in the supporting characters, and by that I mean they've shown a bit of their rationale for wanting to bring the protagonists together. From where sakaki I think he stood out more when he mentioned that he just wants to support his best friend's first love. but family Asai I would have liked to see at least some clues as to why they chose to be the main cast and spent most of their time as mere spectators eating their iconic bowl of rice. Something that of course my mind wouldn't let and even came up with several theories about it.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!  Double - Final Chapter
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Compared to the first season Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double I think it really showcased the genres of one Romantic comedy. Since its predecessor, I personally consider it more of a comedy purely with some other details romance.

As such, the second season had not only the confirmation of the protagonists' feelings, but also the appearance of two characters that became key: Yanagi Y fujio. During Yanagi It was a reinforcement for the team of supporting characters who support the relationship sakurai Y hanahad a much more active role, similar to that of sakakito press hana And the relationship will develop faster.

For his part fujio From a character easy to fill, he became the "antagonist" of the plot and was the only one to oppose the protagonists' relationship. Although it was thanks to him in the end sakurai begin to recognize and accept their feelings hana.

Technical details

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double was encouraged by the study CLOSELY, the same one that animated the previous season, so the animation style does not differ in both character and stage design. Something I enjoyed watching, but I won't deny that I felt there were a few quality differences.

First off, I didn't find the animation quality on display Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double it was bad. But at the same time it's not that it excelled in this section to compete against other animes Autumn season 2022. Comparing it to the first season now, I think the main change was the fluidity of the characters' movements.

One of the animated moments I remember most from season one is when hana considered sakurai in the university canteen. Make strange movements to try to communicate with him without speaking. It was one uzaki with style chibibut despite the fact that it might be a simple scene, the fluidity of the constant movement is the Kuhai I really liked showing that comedy back then. This second season lacked more similar moments in my opinion.

While I understand there weren't any of those moments, the fluidity in Season 2's animated motion seemed very "simple" to me. Still, there was more than one occasion when I found the movements a bit "robotic". Of course, there were others that I thought it wise not to emphasize so heavily.

©2022 丈/KADOKAWA/宇崎ちゃん2製作委員会

In the sound department Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double I think it was pretty average. Proper use of the music in the scenes to bring out the main focus of what is happening in them. Calculate with a opening Y End That made it clear that they belonged in that anime, but I don't feel like they stood out in that one Autumn season 2022.

By the way, it seemed to me that the "nuclear weapons" from hana They were of a lower caliber this second season. Perhaps it was a visual effect, due to the different clothes he wore in the chapters, rather than his iconic shirt. Because it didn't always look like that.

final opinion

Considering the development of the characters (both main and secondary), the plot took on a much stronger tone romance and not only comedy as in the previous season, and if the technical details such as musicalization and animation kept the characteristic touch of the work, my qualification for Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double would 7.5/10ascending 8th round down if necessary.

It seemed to me that this second season was a very good adaptation of the original work, with everything and the changes made to it. Which I felt ended up being in sufficient quantity for anything or whatever they intended to show in those thirteen episodes to appear without leaving "voids" that felt like filler. Including of course the ninth chapter which was a collaboration.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the first season and/or who are up to date with the manga but haven't seen the anime adaptation.

Unfortunately I don't think so Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double became the favorite of Autumn season 2022, not even in its main genres. Finally, you will face off against formidable opponents of both sexes. Mainly inside comedy where is what I consider to be the jewel of the season?Bocchi the Rock!“.

Still, I'm really hoping for a sequel in the future, either in the form of a third season, in the movie, or OVAs/to as. And I trust that it doesn't involve such a "long" separation as that between the first (Summer 2020) and this second season (Fall 2022).

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