Since the beginning of the manga, All Might has imposed Izuku Midoriya on Keep the secret of the one for all. However, this quirk, passed down from generation to generation and making great heroes in My Hero Academia, has been jeopardized by All for One's latest goals. The super villain used Shigaraki to wreak havoc.

But when Shigaraki fought the heroes in the final stage of the Battle of My Hero Academia, in National Direct Dabi posted a message about One for Alland reveals its existence to all of society. While the heroes understand that Deku is connected to One for All, there are those on the outside who understood a little more.

Endeavor's daughter, Fuyumi, actually heard when she tried to enter the hospital to visit her father and brother People who wonder whether One for All and All for One are interconnected. This would run the risk of casting further shadows on the superhero world as another person would be found dealing with a villain in some way.

As of now, people haven't received a response, and it is unlikely they will get one once Deku passes out and prepares to speak to previous One for All owners in the next few chapters of My hero academia.

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