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Chapter 7: "Secret Mission"

Dr. Stone The seventh episode is about the reunion between Chrome and his colleagues who are informed about inventions, progress and plans. The aim is to control the "wondrous" cave! Finally they also meet Senku, Taiju and Yuzuriha. Previously, in the shadows, they plan to deceive Tsukasa's allies by imitating Lilian Weinberg. The moment of truth comes, however: you have to fool Ukyou's super ear.

Like Nikki, Ukyou is not fooled. However, this surprises them with an alliance in exchange for a war without victims. Senku immediately accepts and they exchange interesting data about the threat posed by Hyoga. In addition, the order that our protagonist gave to Yuzuriha becomes known, who secretly inserts all the statues destroyed by Tsukasa.

Hyoga and Tsukasa meet at Senku's grave. The latter comes to pay his respects to Yo, who faked his death, and while digging to bury the piece of stone Yo was wearing on his face, he discovers the phone. In the meantime, in the team of the Kingdom of Science they are developing a strategy in which the psychological effects of the surprise factor are used to their advantage.

Analysis: enthusiasm

Dr. Stone develops another episode towards the height of the conflict. It is a chapter in which he gathers all the emotions from the previous one, which drives, adds and exalts tension and intrigue, to the final explosion where all the allies of the Kingdom of Science feel ready to face Tsukasa. As always, Senku enthuses and colors such decisive moments with optimism; He manages to instill trust in his family even though they'll be playing all or nothing in the ridiculous 20 second span!

© i ス タ ジ オ i Boichi ・ ST ST ST ST Dr.STONE 製作 委員会

Exactly the entire story of Dr. Stone it pretends to be its protagonist's catchphrase; This is, "excitingThe dramatic tone only appears very successfully at certain moments that are so unusual in the plot that it has an even greater impact. We must not forget that the narrative balance is one of the strengths of this series.

With new allies, new inventions and a daring strategy, they set off for the final showdown against the enemy, imbued with optimistic energy by their brilliant leader. As mentioned in previous reviews, Senku knows the importance of the mood of his followers and tries to make them fall in love and convince them to the root. He also uses the psychological defects of humans as an advantage over his opponents.

Ukyou, keen ear, tender heart

We step in to analyze one of the loveliest characters of Dr. Stone. The interesting thing about Ukyou is that behind the veil of her incredible abilities and the enormous silence of her thoughts she undresses as a deeply human person. The serenity and wisdom with which he always acts is for the benefit of others, while conscience and suffering engulf him.

This duality between what he shows and what he feels explodes in a telephone conversation with Senku, which he tests until the last moment. And since he is always thinking about the survival of others, he carefully assumes his role at all times. Until the end, he does not admit to Senku that the one who had to kill his own people in the attack on the Ishigami village was undoubtedly none other than Hyoga himself.

© i ス タ ジ オ i Boichi ・ ST ST ST ST Dr.STONE 製作 委員会

Ultimately, Ukyou's rational being is pure intelligence, she has a wonderful ability to read situations and recognizes the power and ideas gap between Hyoga and Tsukasa. And in contrast, all of these gifts are for the pure purpose of a tender heart, a humble, enormously caring boy. All of this is perfectly incorporated into the physical characterization and voice that they endow the character with.


Dr. Stone manages to open Ukyou's heart on a phone call. The talented young man suffers from the destruction of the statues and only wishes that no one dies in front of his eyes. Intelligence and humanity combine in the spirit and soul of the character. He also warns of the danger of Hyoga, who does not share Tsukasa's ideals.

On the flip side, the Kingdom of Science and its new allies are consuming Senku's rational optimism, who continues to prove himself to be a great leader, injecting energy into his own as he exploits the human shortcomings of his enemies in his favor. As mentioned in previous reviews, who is really the mentalist? Senku or Gen?


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