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Chapter 1: "Stone Wars Beginning"

Dr. Stone returns to preparing for the war against Tsukasa for its second season. In this episode, Senku insists that his movements must be planned and driven forward before winter ends. One of her key ideas is to turn the ramen into space food. That way the food becomes instant food for you to take away.

On the other hand, Gen comes up with an idea that he shares with Senku and Chrome. The mentalist will use his abilities to fake Lilian Weinberg's voice and add it to the song they keep. You will trick Tsukasa's henchmen into convincing them that civilization has returned and that they need to switch sides. Chrome offers to take the phone to hostile territory to complete the plan and contact Yuzuriha and Taiju.

Analysis: Spirit of Continuity

Dr. Stone returns with the traditional entry of Japanese stories (Mukashi Mukashi Sono Mukashi). Asagiri Gen plays the main role in the introduction and turns the perspective of our world upside down. From its timeline, the 21st century is the distant past, admired the children of the stone world. Actually, it's almost a fourth wall break because it appeals to the audience. Suddenly the scene in our kingdom of science is completely immersed in everyday life.

In keeping with this introduction, it is inevitable to emphasize the spirit of continuity that the study intends TMS entertainment. In view of the planned episodes, Chapter 1 skips formalities and immerses itself completely in the natural rhythm of the events in the manga. Preparations for war with Tsukasa are continuing. As I explained in my final recaps of season one, the Tsukasa Arch is a first obstacle in history, but not the last. So there was a feeling that they cut the season short at some strange moment, nothing meaningful. The ultimate proof of this finding is the fact that we have 11 episodes to end the war with the Stone Kingdom.

© i ス タ ジ オ i Boichi ・ ST ST ST ST Dr.STONE 製作 委員会

Given that the series already had a special episode that bridges the gap between the two seasons, the introduction is original and elegant, the rhythm is coherent. Our minds need to wake up and speed up in order to resume Senku's fast-paced adventures and great events.

Chapter 2: "Hotline"

Dr. Stone The second broadcast of the new season begins with the explosions of the sound bombs. Made from deer bladders with oxygen, the gas created by electrifying water, they cause an explosion that attracts the attention of Tsukasa's spy Homura. Chrome, Magma and Gen flee on the phone to carry out the essential plan in the war against the Stone Kingdom. However, Homura is a professional athlete and not easy to grasp. He soon discovers the trap and follows in the footsteps of the three young men.

At this moment Senku developed a new strategy. The young scientist has tagged Homura and they follow his trail with an ultraviolet light bulb. In order to catch her without discovering the phone, she communicates with Gen. via Morse code taps with Gen. Eventually the gymnast falls into the trap and is caught.

© i ス タ ジ オ i Boichi ・ ST ST ST ST Dr.STONE 製作 委員会

As soon as the danger of the spy disappears, Magma, Chrome and Gen reach hostile territory. There they bury the phone in Senku's alleged grave in order not to be discovered. Taiju and Yuzuriha approach the place, the phone rings and the voices of friends meet again.

Analysis: strategy and reunification

The narrative framework of this second chapter of Dr. Stone it's flawless. Since its first broadcast, this second season has shown strength. The series takes up the story with energy, vivid colors, great care in drawing landscapes and characters, and a opening and The End with a slightly different, original touch than you'd normally expect from a shounen (personally, I love the entrance).

Back to the first idea: this episode is a letter of intent. There seems to be a clear commitment to improve and strengthen the animation success of Dr. Stoneand you can see the enormous effort of the study. The entire chapter is full of fast-paced action, with explosions and car chases. At the same time it combines with science, strategy, humor and intelligence; all of this without giving up the moments of ethical reflection and overflowing emotions at the end, the moment the voices of Taiju and Senku meet again on the phone. Far from satiated, the episode grabs you and doesn't let you go to the end.

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In this regard, it should be remembered that many of the ideas offered in the new season have already been analyzed by the author of these lines. All of the general opinions on the story at the anime and manga level are included in my season one reviews. In this case, we will focus on deeper, new, or subtle aspects that deserve comment.


Dr. Stone opens a new season of 11 chapters to complete the war arc between Senku and Tsukasa. From the first chapter onwards, the series shows that the studio wants to further perfect an animation that was fabulous already in the first season. It should be remembered the enormous challenge of bringing life and color to a manga drawn by the master Boichiwhose faces always astonish more in the manga than in the anime.

The second episode has a very balanced narrative arrangement in which all elements of the story are well integrated: adventure, science and strong emotions. The reunion between Senku and Taiju is one of the special moments; So it was very exciting to see this final scene in color and movement.

Satisfied with the approach, I am looking forward to the next installment.

© i ス タ ジ オ i Boichi ・ ST ST ST ST Dr.STONE 製作 委員会

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