ONE PIECE: According to Eiichiro Oda, the manga should end 10 years after it began

Very often there are times when a writer needs to revise their plans in the middle of serialization, whether for popularity reasons or for narrative reasons that require more space and time. Apparently, Eiichiro Oda also had to change his mind while writing from ONE PIECE.

While the first spoilers of chapter 1002 of ONE PIECE have been leaked on the web, the first content is theInterview between Oda and Watsuki, well-known artist of Kenshin-Samurai Vagabondo, released a few days ago in Japan. The father of the house pirate epic Weekly Shonen Jump would have revealed some details about the original plans for the work that should have ended some time ago.

Today we know that the manga was missing about 5 years of serialization to reach the finale, but before the work began to be published. Eichiro Oda had planned to complete ONE PIECE after 10 years since the publication of Chapter 1. Which, on the other hand, has not happened, since the work has continued its adventure on Jump for more than 23 years, well over double its original plans. As if this were not enough, it cannot even be ruled out that, given the large number of subplots to which the author still owes an answer, the sensei may not be able to get back to the conclusion of his masterpiece in the expected time.

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