After more than a year of waiting, it is about to arrive. Now that the conclusion of Jojolion, the eighth part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, is over, Hirohiko Araki returns to work on his creature, which the whole world now appreciates. The time comes Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Jojolandsthe highly anticipated ninth phase of the story.

Once again, Hirohiko Araki will twist everything: there will be a new protagonist, a new setting and never-before-seen characters. A complete revolution happening in every generation now apart from a few old stars who are present. But there is not much room for big comebacks in the post-Stone Ocean world, and so there is a great desire to know more about this ninth part. For now, there's a preview of Jojolands released by Ultra Jump that confirms its return for February. However, another side has also been presented to the public in the past few hours.

Hirohiko Araki has shared one of the first draft pages of Jojolands. This shows the shot of Jojo Part 9 a little better, which is confirmed as a subtropical area. A man approaches a car, probably after getting off a plane or on his way to the airport. Someone says "konnichiwa" which means "hello" or "good morning". Palm trees can be seen and below is an island with two mountains while a small sailing ship is sailing in the nearby sea.

the The official title appears to be The JOJO Lands, i.e. with the article The and JOJO written entirely in capital letters, at least judging by the current spelling at the bottom right, which could change before the official publication next month. This Jojo first spoiler part 9: Jojolands It is certainly interesting, but it will be necessary to wait until February 17, 2023 to find out more.

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