The berries are the A PIECE OF MONEY, whose value is very uncertain since Eiichiro Oda has given very few comparison meters during the manga. What is known, however, is that they are essential for purchasing not only basic necessities, but also luxury or rare items. And that is why it is necessary to find treasures of great value in order to accumulate them.

Of course, that pleases Nami, the ONE PIECE cat thief, who has shown a great attachment to money since her first appearance. Surely his desire to get as many berries as possible had a nobler reason in the beginning, while finding treasure and collecting it around the ship then became a side of his character. Not accidentally, when he hears of valuables or treasures in general, Nami has eyes with the berry symbol.

A tie-in picked up by cosplayer CarryKey, who has played the character a number of times, albeit in different versions. This time he focuses on Nami posts a time warp in this ONE PIECE themed cosplaywhere on the two-year break the cat thief has a white and green costume, jeans, belt and log pose and long orange hair to grow out.

In addition to the accuracy of the accessories and clothing, CarryKey has decided to give one additional equipment for this cosplay by inserting the berries: As seen in the shot below, he has some banknotes in his left hand, which are the coins made by Eiichiro Oda. So he specially printed them to give this Nami a more realistic feel.

Do you know by now how much a Luffy bounty is worth in euros instead of berries? To get them you can also think of catching the pirates of the highest size of ONE PIECE, although it will be an almost impossible task.

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