In recent years, the Japan national soccer team has become one of the most popular teams among soccer fans. Japan is always sympathetic in the eyes of foreigners and always affects their civic sense, which is why it attracts many sympathizers. In addition, the tricks at the World Cup in Qatar have attracted even more sympathizers.

Unfortunately the Japan's run in the event is halted. Holly and Benji's dream ended in the round of 16, the first knockout round after the group stage, where they faced Croatia. Unfortunately, after Japan dragged the game into overtime, they were forced to retire and exit the competition.

The sports mangakas in particular paid tribute to their national team with some engaging illustrations. One of the ones that has gained the greatest notoriety is the author's picture by Ao Ashi, mangaka who creates the soccer spokon, which has also recently become an anime. In this picture visible below there is the Protagonist Ashito Aoi kneeling on the grounddevastated after defeat, but who gets up to carry on, albeit still in tears.

A nice touch from Yugo Kobayashi, who reminds us that the road is not over yet and we still have to fight and play.

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