After a total of almost twenty episodes is the Big Bang Mission from Super Dragon Ball Heroes to come to an end. It is Goku versus Fu in the decisive battle of the narrative arc entitled New Space-Time War Arc. Who will have prevailed between the Saiyan and the mad scientist?

After being brought to their knees, Son Goku and Xeno Goku are assisted by Chronoa, the goddess of time, who gives them their mystical powers. With the time force at their side, the two Gokus explode with anger, the first in Super Saiyan Blue form and the second in Super Saiyan 4. With a Double kamehameha the protagonists creepily break through the defenses of Fu, who has managed to absorb the forces of the demonic bird DogiDogi.

Fu is a tough nut to crack, however, and even survives double the energy wave. Shortly verbal confrontation, explains that he intends to end the universe in order to create a whole new one. His only wish is to find out how a universe grows. So what drives him is not malice, but curiosity. He draws new strength from the divine tree and finally begins the second round.

This, in turn, is used by Goku from the original timeline to his advantage. Like Vegeta before, he does it too control the evil kiwhich dramatically increases his Super Saiyan Blue. With one last, majestic kamehameha, he ends the long battle with Fu. The universe is safe, but only until February 2022 when a new saga begins.

We leave you to the new form of Super Dragon Ball Heroes and the Big Bang Mission PV trailer.

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