The Dark World Structure Deck from Yu-Gi-Oh! has been available in kiosks and specialist shops for a few days, to the delight of fans. the deck brings the Dark World archetype back to life, which supplies him with new, unpublished maps and a number of necessary reprints. Let's see what's in the pack!

An incredibly solid package

Mondo Oscuro is a prebuilt deck and is sold at major retailers for $11.90. there card list of the deck includes 45 cards in totalincluding 37 commons, 3 super rares and 5 Ultra Rare. Along with the deck you will also find the classic duelist guide and a playmat double: a more than good package for a beginner who wants to learn the basics of TCG, born from the pen of the late mangaka Kazuki Takahashi.

The Dark World deck is though tempting even for the most experienced playersbecause it contains almost all the cards necessary to build a good deck, even at a competitive level, along with a number of imprint of cards from the past that haven't had many reprints, at least recently. On the other hand, theThe Dark World archetype remained unchanged in the last ten years (or so), while the bulk of the cards related to the deck's strategy are already in the Structure Deck.

For example, we invite you to take a look at Loukas Peterson's Dark World Deck, which can be assembled through purchase three copies of the Dark World deck, which gives you the chance to take home a deck powerful enough to win your first few games, provided you know how to use it, for a price of 30 euros. However, if you want to invest a little more money, you can think about buying some individual cards Underworld scandalist (from the recently released Darkwing Blast set) or the "old glory" deck Devastating Virus and Skill Drain.

The Dark World deck

The playstyle of the Dark World archetype is remained practically unchanged over the years, so it might even be fake for more experienced players. However, if you have never had the opportunity to touch the Dark World cards with your hand, how they work is closely linked to the discard mechanic: discarding a Dark World card allows you to activate its effect, which in turn guarantees the possibility discard or destroy opposing monstersor to perform special summons straight from the graveyard, fill the playing field and eliminate enemy defenses.

Having already received a first release in 2011's Structure Deck Gates of the Underworld, the deck requires three main cards to refresh. The first two are the Ultra Rares Grapha, Dragon Lord of the Dark World (a Fusion Monster with 3200 ATK and 2300 DEF) e Reign-Beaux, ruler of the dark world (Effect Monster with 3000 ATK and 1800 DEF), representing the two deck card of the deck, with Reign-Beaux particularly noticeable on the front of the Structure Deck packaging.

The third card that instead risks passing more stealthily is Genta, man of the gate of the dark world: It is one of the Super Rares introduced with the new deck, along with Parl, Hermit of the Dark World, and the Punishment of the Dark World trap. The new cards make the deck go in a kind of almost infinite cycle, which gives you the opportunity to discard monsters from your hand without too much effort because you can safely return them to your hand thanks to the effect of Grapha. So the same grapha allows you negate enemy effects, spells, and trapsto provide you with an additional defense against the enemy's strategies.

Many advantages, one big limitation

Beyond the pure gameplay aspect, the Dark World Deck is also nice to look atthanks to particularly inspired designs for its cards: Our favorites among those in the Structure Deck are the aforementioned Grapha and Reign-Beaux, which seem straight out of the cover of a metal music album, but also imprint such as Scarr, Scout of the Dark World, Sillva, Warlord of the Dark World, Brron, Mad Ruler of the Dark World and the Omnipresent Goldd, Wu Lord of the Dark Worldwhich some may remember for appearing in both the 2008 Gold Series and the 2014 Premium Gold.

A very attractive package, if there weren't a small problem: besides a few games with friends and some local tournaments, Dark World has no place in the half by Yu-Gi-Oh!, as is the case with almost all of Konami's starter decks. At the moment, the most popular deck is actually that of Ishizu Ishtar, which allows those who use it to control the opponent's graveyard as well, invalidating many of the strategies related to Mondo Oscuro. However, that doesn't mean that the Deck must not turn out to be a small pearl in the future when the metagame has moved to new shores.

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