The saga of Egghead, the island that represents a another necessary step for Monkey D. Luffy. Indeed, it is here that the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates rightly enters the final saga of ONE PIECE and meets the most brilliant mind in the world, Dr. Vegapunk making him a specific request. But there is more on the horizon.

The new meeting between Luffy and Lucci caused a stir, how will it be solved? the word to ONE-PIECE 1069 spoiler who answer the question immediately.

  • Luffy in Gear Fifth VS Lucci in the awakened version;
  • Lucci's awakened form resembles a large cat with a mixture of traits from Chopper's Monster Point and Who's Who Fruit;
  • Kaku wants to help Lucci as he faces an Emperor, but Lucci ignores him and continues fighting alone.
  • The fight is reminiscent of the battles of Tom and Jerry;
  • Luffy overpowers and frightens Lucci;
  • Akainu tells Kizaru not to go to Egghead;
  • Luffy defeats Lucci and knocks him out;
  • CP0 fights the Seraphim because Sentomaru commands them to fight;
  • There is a war over who controls the Seraphim, but CP0 destroys the section of Egghead where communication with the Seraphim occurs.
  • More information about the Devil Fruit is revealed;
  • The Nika Fruit of the Hito Hito no Mi model does not appear in the Devil Fruit Book;
  • Lucci recovers before the end of the chapter and is seen again;
  • Lucci wants to leave Egghead for Luffy's strength.

So there is one big fight in ONE PIECE 1069, immediately ended in a landslide victory for the protagonist. But what other information is there about fruits?

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