As the release progresses, Chainsaw Man continues to sell and impress the readers of Weekly Shonen Jump, who continue to rate him in weekly polls. Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga is a concentration of chaos and unpredictability that manga readers have captured on the pages so far.

However, it is also true that Chainsaw Man is nearing its end, despite his young age. Fujimoto has indeed kept a fast pace in the narrative and it was clear since the manga left that it was He wouldn't have had a very long life at Weekly Shonen Jump, but it would be rather limited to a Death Note run with an eventful and entertaining but short story.

Despite this end in sight and a two-year release, no anime adaptation for Chainsaw Man has yet been revealed. Perhaps shueisha and broadcasters find it too difficult to include an anime with such content on their schedules, and that should also conflict with the many costs of production and promotion. but now Chainsaw You will receive a panel at the Jump Festa 2020 take place in the second half of December.

Of course, this may mean all or nothing, with editors who may have placed it just to communicate about the upcoming end, but it goes without saying that the public and fans in particular expect this the announcement of an anime for Chainsaw Man. All you have to do is wait until December 21st to find out if the expectations will be paid back.

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