How tall is Benji?  The growth of Captain Tsubasa’s unmatched goalkeeper

Although the manga is exclusively called Captain Tsubasa, suggesting that it focuses primarily on a single protagonist, it was in Italy that the historical anime about football began with the name Holly and Benji. However, as in the original game, goalkeeper Benji Price didn't show up much throughout the anime. However, it remains very popular with fans.

However, as the series progresses, we see him enough to enjoy his growth from a goalkeeper for an elementary team to a senior member in a European club. Let's retrace the story of Captain Tsubasa from the perspective of Benji Price / Genzo Wakabayashi to understand how his physique and size evolved.

The author announced Benji's height in elementary school only in the last school year and before he left for Germany. At 12, with the last game with Nankatsu, Benji was 161 centimeters tall. In the last year of the averages, but three years later, it had grown to 170 centimeters.

His physical development continued and while Holly started playing in Brazil he stopped playing for Hamburg in Germany. After this time and his calling up of the Japanese national team for the Battle of World Youth story arc, we know that Benji has reached a height of 182 centimeters. This has remained practically unchanged until the latest data was communicated with the latest arcs that are taking hold 183cm tall for Benji Price.

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