The world holds its breath. In a few days the Chapter 138 of the attack of the giantsA number that helps us understand whether Eren wins or loses. There is little time left for Hajime Isayama's manga, which will officially end in April 2021.

Despite the Kodansha editor's struggles, the first spoilers of The Attack of the Giants 138even if only in text form. Remember to always take this information with a grain of salt until the official release of the chapter slated for March 9, 2021. Let's see together what information is shared.

Gabi hugs her parents, Pieck sees her father again when Annie searches for hers, Reiner falls to the ground after the explosion and victory seems to have come, but there is an explosion nearby. One of the giants appears to approach Reiner to destroy him while the colossals continue their march. Armin instantly transforms into a colossal giant and it seems that he is facing a new form of Eren. The two giants fight, but Eren defeats Armin. Meanwhile, Mikasa climbs up to Falco with Levi and they approach the new giant from Eren.

Mikasa begins a series of visions of her and Eren together in a possible future of Attack on Titan, with Mikasa and Eren in a forest, but she awakes from this vision. Mikasa and the captain enter the giant. The girl in her red scarf ponders the words of victory. The captain helps Mikasa get into the giant's mouth. Eren looks ahead and sees them, in the dream Mikasa simultaneously holds the head of a sleeping Eren in his hands, but then returns to reality. Mikasa grabs Eren's head and kisses his forehead. Ymir seems to be watching the scene from behind and smiles.

There would be only 45 pages left for the end of The Attack of the Giants, which will be included in next month's chapter 139.

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