Chainsaw man is one of the most interesting titles from Shueisha, a series that ended in its first part a few months ago. In addition, an anime adaptation from the studio of The Attack of the Giants will be released in the course of 2021. However, the Sensei is happy to finally be able to change the magazine with the second part.

To have the privilege of working for a major magazine like Weekly shonen jump, one of the most famous weekly magazines in the world, also poses some major problems. For some time in fact thatShueisha Verlag fights against piracy, especially against all those leakage phenomena where the chapters have been published prematurely for years.

Even the editor of The Attack of the Giants is at war on leaks, a symptom of a phenomenon particularly felt in the larger newsrooms. The author of Chainsaw Man actually made it popular Be very pleased that his manga has been moved to Jump Plus, the fully digital magazine that almost completely eliminates the possibility of leaks. Just like Parasyte and Code Geass, Chainsaw Man has some particularly powerful twists that the author would like to share with his readers.

A feeling that can actually be shared as a release of spoilers often tends to break the shared atmosphere created at the time of the new chapters' official release. As for you, what do you think of the limits of Shonen Jump instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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