Via Twitter, the author of the manga Inland na kanojo ((Domestic girlfriend) announced that he is already preparing his next manga after a series of posts commenting again on the ending of the Domestic na Kanojo manga.

""I think the criticism in the end comes mostly from those who thought or wanted Rui to be the absolute winner, but in my opinion these people only had two ideas: "Rui will be lucky to marry Natsuo" and "The Rui, who doesn't know "Marrying Natsuo will be unhappy. "In this sense," Rui and Natsuo should get married "meant that" Rui got everything and Hina got nothing ", and as a writer I cannot accept that. Insults from abroad are very interesting, by the way, but do not cause me any problems. that you took care of me".

Additionally, the author replied to one of the comments with the topic of interest to this message. The original comment was: "Sensei, the bad opinions stand out more, but there are a lot more readers who enjoyed Domestic na Kanojo than those who didn't. I am one of them. I am very much looking forward to your next job, but be careful with your health. I hope you have an excellent year"To which the author replied:"All is well! I know there are more people who loved Domestic na Kanojo than not. I am already planning my next job for those who enjoyed it so please look forward to it.".

About Domestic na Kanojo

Kei Sasuga began publishing the manga in the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine from the publisher Kodansha in April 2014 and finalized in July 2020. On August 28, the publisher published the twenty-eighth and finally compiled volume.

The piece inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios. Diomedea, Headed by Shouta Ihata and scripts from Tatsuya TakahashiThe project released a Blu-ray BOX package in August 2020 that barely collected 830 copies sold in the first week.

Source: Official Twitter account

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