For several years, the industry has been saturated with isekai, a genre that has exploded in popularity, prompting many publishers to exclusively publish light novels in this genre. For an author it is a because of the isekai when there is no more originality.

Basically it is categorized as isekai a comic in which a protagonist leads a parallel life in a world to which he does not belong. A perfect example of this genre is Re:Zero, one of the five Isekai anime that fans shouldn't miss.

Recently, however, most of the light novels published in Japan belong to the isekai genre. This overabundance is not good, according to one authoritative voice. In an interview with RealSound medium, Usagi Nakamura, author of Gokudou-kun Manyuuki, spoke about what led to an occasion Isekai controversy.

For Nakamura, who said he no longer deals with light novels and therefore his comment comes from a consumer's perspective, The industry is saturated with isekai and originality is gone. The author even wonders if her colleagues aren't embarrassed that her stories are almost identical to other works in the aforementioned genre.

Nakamura explained that the The basic model of an Isekai story has been repeated so many times that it seems that the different comics were all written by the same person. The only essential difference between one work and another is the protagonists.

The Abundance is destined to resolve itself, according to the author. Over time, people get tired of this genre and switch to something else. As the follow-up declines, writers will be inspired by the genre affiliation of the works that will have the most success. Saying goodbye to the top 10 favorite Japanese isekai.

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