All For One, an experienced strategist who foresees all possibilities, had to face an impossible situation this time. Never the symbol of evil My Hero Academy he would have dreamed of having to fight his former ally.

As Izuku Midoriya takes the reins of the fight with Tomura Shigaraki, any other heroes who are still standing and ready to fight gather at the spot where the Final battle against All For One.

In My Hero Academia they are all against All For One, but to the greatest surprise it's not just the heroes who challenge the king of villains. All For One never thought his old right arm would turn against him.

In My Hero Academia 384, the feelings of Gigantomachia come to the surface, which after being severely shocked is no longer under Shinso's direct control. In tears and angrier than ever, the colossal villain reverses the trick of All For Onewho was convinced he had reversed the situation and found the ally that would allow him to escape undisturbed towards Shigaraki.

All For One has underestimated the loyalty of Gigantomachy, who felt betrayed by the behavior of his master. Indeed, All For One abandoned him for many years and then went into the service of Shigaraki without fulfilling the promise made to him. Though Gigantomachy is a loyal servant, what All For One did was deemed improper by him. And so open war between Machia and All For Onebetween master and servant.

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