Akira Toriyama's story originally ended in 1995. The manga by dragon ball In fact, it was published in Weekly Shonen Jump between 1984 and 1995, but its success was overwhelming. So Goku and his companions jumped from medium to medium, getting into anime first, then into video games and many others.

Between anime, movies, sequels, and spin-offs of various kinds, Toriyama's characters have been rejected in many ways. With works like Dragon Ball GT, Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Tenkaichi's video games, and others, more stories and therefore other variations of the protagonists have emerged to satisfy fans' desires. For example in the original manga and anime not many third tier Super Saiyans have ever been seen. The transformation exposed by Goku was almost unique, reserved only for him and Gotenks at the moment.

But Kylin Studio decided to meet some enthusiasts. This Gogeta Super Saiyan 3 figure it is this one Vegetto Super Saiyan 3 figure It replicates two characters who had never seen each other canonically before. These pieces are available in both 1:4 scale (58cm high) and 1:6 scale (38cm high) and are priced at €280 and €180 respectively, with an estimated release date in the second quarter of 2023.

The strength of the two Saiyans, born from the fusion of Goku and Vegeta, but in two completely different ways, can bring a breath of fresh air to various collections. Which of the two do you prefer? And who do you think is the strongest between Gogeta and Vegetto?

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