The three legendary ninjas from Naruto, Jiraya, Tsunade and Orochimaru were inspired by a story of Japanese folklore. The trio is inspired by that of Jiraya Goketsu Monogatari, a collection that was written with the marauding ninja Jiraya from the mid-19th century.

The Jiraya Goketsu Monogatari"The Tale of Jiraya the Gallant" has been written since 1839 and over the course of 30 years has grown into a popular collection of 43 short stories written by four different authors. The story tells of Jiraya, a young marauding ninja of the Ogata clan who manages to master the magical art of the toad and fight with the snail queen Tsunade to defeat the snake spirit Orochimaru, who is terrorizing the land.

In the Jiraya Goketsu Monogatari, An evil snake spirit is hunting people and wants to conquer Japan. To successfully conquer the land, the serpent must take control of the three most powerful clans in Japan, the Tsukikage, Ogata and Matsura clans. Orochimaru manages to conquer the Tsukikage clan and throw Jiraya and Tsunade off a cliff.

Fortunately, the two are saved by a hermit named Senso Dojin, who will raise them and He will teach Jiraya the art of transformation and Tsunade the magical art of snails. The two will need a sword to defeat Orochimaru after they find the sword, corner Jiraya and Tsunade Orochimaru, and cast out the serpent demon.

Back in the present, in Boruto, a betrayal could benefit Leaf Village, and details of Oonoki's tragic story have been revealed.

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