In which episode does Sasuke get the eternal hypnotic Sharingan?  Here is the chapter from Naruto

Due to the multitude of episodes Studio Pierrot has for Naruto ShippudenIt's difficult to switch between episodes and relive the epic scenes of the story. For this very reason, we decided to put the episode and chapter in which Sasuke unleashed the eternal hypnotic sharing in order a bit.

After carefully analyzing the clan's strongest Uchiha and empowering the clan's strongest eye skills, it's time to put Naruto Shippuden in order with hundreds of episodes including numerous fillers. In this case we try to understand in which episode Sasuke Uchiha is performing for the first time fatal sharing of a hypnotic eternal, the final form of Mamngakyo Sharingan's character after Itachi's eye transplant.

In fact, Sasuke first shows his intention to have his brother's eyes transplanted during the sixth season of the anime, particularly in episode 216 during a conversation with Obito. In fact, his eyesight is already particularly impaired due to the abuse of eye techniques. The surgery is completed just 4 episodes later in # 220, in which Sasuke appears with a blindfold on and waits for recovery from the surgery. Care that lasts for a long time Pierrot study brings Uchiha back just 100 episodes later, with the 326th episode in season 16where the first victim of his new powers is a helpless white Zetsu. This awakening scene in the manga mirrors chapter 553 instead.

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