Ash Ketchum and Goh have achieved their true goals in recent episodes of Pokemon: Explorations. Though their adventure seemed over, new dates were announced with the anime, and in episode 136, the pair once again face off against a legendary Pokémon that's one of fan favorites.

The title of the episode, as already anticipated by the various leaks on the net, is "Ash and Go! The beginning of a new journey!” and as you can see from @AniPokeFandom's post at the bottom of the page, the synopsis seems to foreshadow a major rift in the friendship between the two. "Ash and Goh's friendship reaches a point of no return due to a slight misunderstanding of their feelings... but in that moment, before the two of them, the Legendary Pokémon Lugia appears, just like the day they met. Having changed and grown a lot during their adventure, the two decide to challenge him immediately. It's time for a raid!"

At the bottom you will also find three frames from the trailer showing the teams of the two protagonists and her determined looks in front of the majestic Lugia. What do you think of the return of one of the most beloved legends in the entire series? As usual, tell us in the comments section. Finally we leave you the official illustration dedicated to the Pokémon world champions.

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