The anime of Spy x family confirms itself as one of the biggest hits of the year. After conquering the spring program, the triumph of the adaptation of Tatsuya Endo's work continues in this season. Could there be big news soon?

Not even a schedule that includes big-caliber titles like Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War and Chainsaw Man is stopping that Anya Forger is running. Spy x Family's second cour is actually one of the most popular shows on Japanese TV.

However, at the end of this second part, there are only a few episodes left and fans are in agony just thinking about it. When will Spy x Family be back? While Cour 2 of the anime is still in the works, WIT Studio and CloverWorks have not yet hinted at a second season. However, given the numbers the anime is getting, the production is practically certain. News about this could come Jump party 2023.

The schedule of Jump Festa 2023 includes a Super Stage dedicated to Spy x Family. This will take place on Sunday December 18th when the anime has reached its penultimate date. Let the Jump Festa be the theater for youAnnouncing the second season of the anime Spy x Family? The event will feature the original voice actors from the Forger family, and according to preliminary information, the panel will last around 40 minutes, so there will almost certainly be talks about the production of the second season. In anticipation of certainties, Spy x Family is the best manga of the year.

Considering the pace at which the anime is progressing in adapting the manga, WIT Studio and CloverWorks have plenty of material to draw from Production of Spy x Family 2, especially considering that this second season could also be divided into Cour. Do you think there will be real news or do we have to wait for the end of the current series?

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