As well as the now traditional Kamehameha, a technique remembered by all generations of fans dragon ballone of Goku's most iconic moves is the gigantic and spectacular Genkidama sphere, immortalized in a new and prestigious figure from Hunter Studio.

There are few times the protagonist has used one of King Kaioh's most powerful teachings of the north, and in any case it was about opposing opponents who got him into enormous trouble. Recalling the typical pose with arms raised to absorb the energy, Goku appears with a determined look and surrounded by the well-depicted effects of the wind and the power concentrated in the sphere.

The figure is presented on a Base where the Shenron kite design is reported, and in the center the four-star Dragon Ball, a precious memory left by the protagonist from his late grandfather, Son Gohan. The 66 centimeter statue will be launched in the third quarter of 2023 and can already be booked Price of 695 euros. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the appropriate section.

Finally, we remember that two recent anime mentioned the deaths of Yamcha and the Super Saiyan and we leave you with the summary of the Pilaf saga, the first major narrative arc of the series.

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