The return of Hunter X Hunter among the series regularly released on Shonen Jump has garnered significant attention for one of the most popular shonen in the history of the medium. Given the various references to the character, Hisoka will soon return in a new promotional video against another major antagonist of Togashi's work.

The beginning of the Dark Continent saga was punctuated by one of the series' most popular and intense clashes. the Chapter 351 It is still considered one of the most spectacular today and was the engine that activated some of the narrative mechanisms that are still in action in the most recent chapters of the manga. In fact, by choosing to stand to the death, the two Ghost Brigade members created a breathtaking, violent, and deeply strategic clash that ended with Quoll's victoryand with it Hisoka's apparent death.

However, Hisoka returned in Chapter 392 with a different design than usual, and with the intention of killing all members of the brigade. A development that hints at a possible rematch between the two major antagonists, who will soon be the focus of a new promotional video of the series. As you can see in the post at the end of WSJ_manga, a more than authoritative source on the sector, A special video will be released on January 8, 2023 on Shonen Jump's YouTube channel dedicated to Hisoka and Quoll.

And what do you think of this announcement? Do you think we could see another fight between the two in the future? Leave a comment below with your opinions and hypotheses. Finally, we leave you with a curious parallel between Quoll and Kurapika and with theories about the fate of the Kurata at the end of the current arc.

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