Via the illustrator's official Twitter account Namori, the first details for the new franchise project of YuruYuri. It's a spin-off manga called Touzainanboku!starring Hatsumi Kitamiya, Tsubasa Minamino, Shihoko Azuma and Nana Nishigaki. The first episode of the series will premiere on July 31. However, the way the series is released is not yet known.


It was previously reported that Namori, Creator of the manga YuruYuriHad planned a new project, but details of whether it would be a new cartoon, novel, or manga had not been released.

Namori The publication of the YuruYuri Manga started in 2008 and the publisher Ichijinsha published the eighteenth volume on May 18. The piece has inspired three anime adaptations, several OVAs and other spin-offs.

Recently, Namori was also involved in the design of the characters for the anime Let go of the Spyce and Endro ~!, published in October 2018 and January 2019.

Synopsis for Touzainanboku!

The series dates from when teachers Hatsumi Kitamiya, Tsubasa Minamino, Shihoko Azuma and Nana Nishigaki were in high school. So we will continue the funny everyday life of these strange girls.

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