An issue of Teen Titans has been auctioned off in the past few weeks, and in the meantime the saga has been dedicated DC cartoon characters. Let’s find out the official summary of number 44, which focuses on Batman’s aides.

The events of the Joker war have a huge impact on superheroes released by DC Comics worldwide. In the work written by Robbie Thompson and designed by Javier Fernandez, we witnessed Robin’s deeds in this version secret identity of Damian Wayne, committed to take revenge on his long-term opponents and especially on KGBeast. Here is the official summary of the work: “In this issue, Crush, Roadhouse, Kid Flash and Red Arrow Robin are on the trail, determined to hunt down the criminals who have not yet paid for the crimes committed. With Batman’s help, will the Teen Titans be able to reach Damian Wayne before his father does?“.

The number is already available for purchase and we are sure that fans will be surprised at what Robin’s gestures are to repay Batman’s various opponents and others for the numerous crimes committed. The young superhero team was the protagonist of a famous cartoon series. Broadcast on the Cartoon Network and who made this group of characters known to an ever wider audience. If you’re curious, we’ll show you some pictures of the Teen Titans cartoon.

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