With My hero academy Kohei Horikoshi has succeeded in building an extraordinary story by juxtaposing different ideals of justice, different ambitions, but above all a fascinating contrast between heroes and villains. And in this second group, Shigaraki is certainly the one who holds the scepter as the most complex character.

Meanwhile, as the fifth season of My Hero Academia approaches the finale of the first course, with the Joint Training saga coming to an end, fans have begun to mobilize online in anticipation of the next narrative arc that will be fundamental to its sequel becomes history. . In fact, the author will return to focus on the ordinary Conflict between good and bad, between heroes and criminals.

Anyway, recently the cosplayer Mithos he wanted to do his best in his latest personal take on a My Hero Academia theme. In fact, the artist tried to reinterpret as true to the original as possible Tomura Shigaraki, one of the most difficult characters to emulate. The end result in question, which you can admire on the news below, is stunning thanks to a perfect game of makeup and hair. His cosplay was very much appreciated by the fans, largely thanks to an incredible and disturbing rendering of the details of the face.

And you instead, what do you think of this Shigaraki cosplay, do you think it's pretty much true to the original character? Please let us know as usual with a comment in the appropriate field below.

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