As discussions continue online about the latest film in Akira Toriyama’s franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, in the third installment of the commercial Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission The unveiling of one of the mysterious warriors in black caused excitement and surprise among viewers.

One of the most interesting innovations of the series was the introduction of the warriors in black with their faces covered. The third appointment was to debut the new season of the anime Gohan from the futurealso presented as Black Gohan.

Many fans were amazed at the appearance of such an important character in the continuity of the Dragon Ball universe, but the real reason why Gohan agreed to be part of the Warriors in Black is quite understandable.

Gohan’s goal is actually to try Bring Trunks and Bulma back to life its size and its timeline that brings the Dark Dragon Balls together. A desire stemming from the suffering of having seen her die due to his inability to defend and save her. He even faced Xeno Trunks on his way to the Orbs, proving he was still up to the challenge of powerful opponents.

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