We return to the search for the Heil-Ly family, one of the many leitmotifs of this narrative arc Hunter X Hunter. Yoshihiro Togashi's manga mainly focuses on the Phantom Brigade and mafia families, skipping the fight between the princes for now. However, we need to understand what is going on in the secret room.

That Hunter x Hunter 399 spoilers You start right where the previous chapter left off. The room that Hinrigh has opened in the Heil-Ly family's supposed hideout leads to a sort of laundry room, with tables, chairs, washing machines and much more. It therefore appears that this area was a hideout to make Morena's soldiers self-sufficient. In another room, Hinrigh and Nobunaga approach the door and find that there are some people there. Realizing they belong to the enemy family, they enter the room.

Upon entering, Nobunaga throws his sword and pierces an enemy's forehead, and Hinrigh appears to do the same, throwing his knife at the larger enemy's temple. However, the latter does nothing as the knife's blade seems to have disappeared and he himself destroys the weapon's hilt with his hand. Start a fight where Nobunaga gets carried away by a technique. Due to some missing pages it is not clear what happens next but in the end it is assumed that Morena is not there but Nobunaga and Hinrigh are both still alive and well and talking to each other so they have the clashes or they survived this one still ongoing. That Chapter 399 is entitled "Departure" and is the penultimate before the likely Hunter x Hunter 400 break.

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