Akira Toriyama, despite being a Japanese manga artist, has brought very little of Japan to his most famous world, those of Dragon Ball. Little Goku moves between mountains that are more reminiscent of China, in deserts that are not typical of the archipelago and sometimes even alien landscapes that generally have little to do with the Land of the Rising Sun.

But there are no such limits to the fans imagination and we watch it very often Dragon Ball characters cast in feudal Japan. Ninjas, samurai and ronin, shoguns, warriors and different types of characters blend with the main characteristics of Toriyama's heroes to create a unique and fascinating mix. In the past, characters like Trunks and Gohan often became samurai, illustrations that were also taken as inspiration by companies of various kinds.

Such is the case with Lucky Kay Studio, a company that makes resin figures and had made a Gohan Super Saiyan 2 Samurai figure in the past. The Super Saiyan Boy version isn't the only one though, as per the tweet below, posted by Mundo Kame just in the last few days. The same studio this time focused on the teenage Gohan, therefore creating one a few years after the events of the Cell Tournament Angry and lonely Samurai Gohan figurefrom Trunks' future.

In fact, it is immediately noticeable that Gohan is missing an arm from this statuette. The Lucky Kai Studio production for this 31.5 cm high object cost 215 euros, really well done and certainly unique.

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