The Marines and World Government are the ones who place bounties on the heads of pirates, revolutionaries and rebels of all stripes, seeking those who dare impose themselves on the world order. ONE PIECE. There have been several updates in the protagonists' bounties over time, but now they're not the only ones in danger.

Recently, the world has been shaken by various events. One of them was the annihilation of two emperors who resigned from their offices. One of them was recorded by Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of ONE PIECE The second, surprisingly, went to Buggy the Clown instead. This, now drawn in by a series of unpredictable events, teamed up with Drakul Mihawk and Crocodile and gave life to the Cross Guild, a very large and wealthy organization.

Using the primarily economic powers of this organization, Buggy has assigned some size cues to a number of Marines and celebrities. And among these posters there is also an old acquaintance of the protagonists. This was confirmed in Chapter 1080 of ONE PIECE Koby has a bounty, even up to five stars, which corresponds to 500 million berries. The ship's captain, who has already become a marine of great importance, enjoys an excellent reputation, and for this reason is much taller than average.

So now not only the marines and bounty hunters will go in search of the pirates, but also the latter will try to catch the most important and most profitable marines. Will they be able to? Get your hands on Koby, too? In the meantime, however, the boy must be able to escape Hachinosu with the SWORD.

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