What happened to lunch? A regular question among fans of Dragon ball who suddenly saw the beautiful girl with the blue hair disappear from the manga, or blonde, depending on what state she is in. While she had never played a particularly prominent role in the Dragon Ball saga, she was always there to cheer on the protagonists.

Although Akira Toriyama forgot to give way to other characters and adventures more dangerous than the first, Dragon Ball fans haven't forgotten the girl who helped out at Kame House. Lunch, also known as Laura, was introduced during the second narrative arc with the beginning of the training of the first Tenkaichi tournament and has the special property of transforming itself by changing the appearance and character of sneezes.

This time we present one Cosplay of lunch with blue hairThis is the quieter and more helpful version presented between the two. The cosplayer who wanted to play her is Yuki, who took several photos in the girl's clothes. So let's look at some close-ups, but also full-length photos, where we see the long blue hair with a red bow, the green top, and the yellow shorts, a piece of clothing that is now recognizable at first glance. You like that Cosplay on the theme of Dragon Ball?

Not only cosplay for the character, the illustrators have also dedicated themselves to lunch with fan art of various kinds.

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