Kakin's Mafias confirm that they are the center of the scene in the final chapters of Hunter X Hunter. Since returning to Weekly Shonen Jump, Yoshihiro Togashi's main focus has been on them and their challenges. The goal remains the Heil-Ly family, but other characters are also needed to defeat them.

in the Hunter x Hunter 393, Nobunaga has no qualms and immediately draws the sword, killing Luini in a matter of seconds. When the Cha-R family research team returns, Nobunaga decapitates him and reveals the serial killer's head. The samurai, along with Phinks and Feitan, decide to leave the shelter and look for Hisoka, but also seek revenge on the Heil-Ly family.

At the same time, Hinrigh is informed of Hisoka's presence at the cinema, who is joined by a team of gangsters. Hinrigh begins to negotiate with him, where the clown turned out to be a much more difficult character than he thought. Eventually, Hisoka agrees to go to the first level of the ship with the pass.

That Finale is dedicated to Hinrigh and Ken'i instead, with both of them arriving at the apartment said to house the Heil-Ly hideout, resulting in the disappearance of a guard. How will the two prominent members of the mafia behave in the next chapter of Hunter x Hunter?

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