Naruto has been a booming franchise lately. Fans would say there's never been a better time to discover Kishimoto's masterpiece. The brand is back in the spotlight thanks to two new spin-off series. One of them, Naruto: The new generation of the leaf in the bathsfocuses on Kakashi, Gai and Mirai.

The first chapter gave a lot of emotions, like in the scene with Mirai and Shikamaru Sensei. Naruto: The new generation of the leaf in the baths continues and readers are increasingly intrigued as events unfold. The concerns of the fans are aimed at Mirai in particular: in fact, the Land of Baths is the home of a famous Akatsuki member or Hidan, the murderer of his father Asuna.

If you remember Naruto Shippuden, Hidan was a fearsome member and his borderline devotion to the deity Jashin made him immortal. The ninja killed many innocents to quench Jashin's blood thirst and the loss of Asuma was a heartbreaking moment for fans, made all the worse when it was later revealed that Kurenai was pregnant. Now Asuna and Kurenai's daughter has to face new followers of Jashin. Will the ninja honor her father's memory?

What happened to Hidan in the meantime? It is unknown if the bloodthirsty ninja is alive or dead. Do you think we will see him again in Naruto: The New Generation of the Leaf at the Baths? Let us know in the comments below!

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