Amazon Lily has been reconfirmed that Vegapunk has a genius capable of subverting a fight. In the past chapters of ONE PIECE Introduced the Seraphim, a very advanced version of the Pacifist, dating back to the members of the ancient Fleet of Seven who are now gone. And now the Mugiwara has met its maker.

ONE PIECE 1059 is a chapter that focuses mostly on the group led by Sanji, but not before giving Zoro and Brook some space. The two, on the ship, give the goodwill to Caribou, who would have wished for a different destination and not been left on an island under the control of the world government.

The rest of the group enter Vegapunk's lab as Lilith disappears and Jinbe's Seraphim stands in front of them. This uses the same power as Senor Pink combined with Fishman Karate, forcing the party to fight. During the fight, the Vegapunk Lilith, Pythagoras, and Edison collect the various data while Shaka appears and stops everything. It's exactly the logical part of Vegapunk that tells the truth to the group, namely that Egghead is a place of the pastcreating a link between the doctor's technology and that of the ancient kingdom.

And right at the end of the chapter, the protagonist of ONE PIECE returns the yes together with his group meets an ancient giant robot. By the way, what would the Seraphim version of Mugiwara look like?

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