Hire a girlfriend It's a very special manga that has caused much more than controversy because of the topics covered, but also because of the way the author has continued the series. Despite this, the popularity of the series is great and it is no coincidence that Season 3 of Rent a Girlfriend is being prepared, that is, with the anime ready to return.

In the meantime, however, the mangaka continues to draw the new chapters of the series and in between dedicates himself to individual drawings of his protagonist, Chizuru Mizuhara. The girl is a classic Japanese school girl with dark brown hair and more or less the same color eyes, keeping the usual Japanese features. However, the Rent a Girlfriend mangaka decided to create an alternate version of the protagonist, leading her to follow a famous trend.

Chizuru becomes a gyaru, or gal, in the new, unedited, and obviously non-canonical theme of Rent a Girlfriend. As you can see in the image below posted by a fan on Reddit, Reiji Miyajima has drawn his protagonist with blonde hair no longer brown when she wakes up in the morning, only wearing a white tank top and a pink bra. The hair is partially held up with some clips of different colors and with a small red elastic that holds a front tuft.

Do you prefer to see the protagonist like this or do you prefer to follow him Story of the normal Chizuru Mizuhara which has now distinguished itself over the years? Meanwhile, a while ago, the mangaka made a special statement about Chizuru.

[Art] - (Gyaru ver.) Chizuru in the Morning (by Reiji Miyajima) - 'Rent-A-Girlfriend'
by u/asilvertintedrose in the manga

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