Long gone are the days when mangaka only created their manga with feathers and leaves. Since the 1960s when the manga god Osamu Tezuka worked, things have changed a lot with the introduction of many useful materials. Recently, digital work has been introduced, that changed the industry.

Inio Asano always tried to do a specific job, well-known mangaka in the industry. Solanin, Buonanotte Punpun, What a Wonderful World, Dededededestruction by Dead Dead Demon and more: there are many manga that bear his signature. Asano has poured a part of himself into each of them, also sometimes using unique drawing techniques. This time, however, the mangaka showed off another technique that he just revealed on Twitter.

Mujina in to the Deep is Inio Asano's new manga with only two active chapters. In the last few hours, the mangaka has posted a tweet on Elon Musk's famous social network, making a very important revelation. Well, for Mujina in the deep, Inio Asano used Unreal Engine 5. As can be seen below, where there is a comparison between the tables of the manga and those created by the well-known game engine, the mangaka has exploited the power of this tool to create a base that needs to be redesigned, and then added or changed some small element or character to adapt it to your story and the needs of the moment.

Especially for the fight scenes of Mujina in depth Inio Asano seems to have found this method useful and will reveal more about it later. Basically, Unreal Engine 5 helped create a manga, probably not the purpose originally intended by the developers. Who knows if other cartoonists, Japanese and not only, will appreciate this vision of Asano.

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