A jam-packed recess calendar slows the release of My Hero Academia, but not the adrenaline pumped through to readers. L'Final act of Kohei Horikoshi's work In fact, he challenges all of the characters that have appeared so far and reconnects the various interwoven plots.

My Hero Academia Chapter 385 is running across Japan with a reputation that lets everyone know it's not over for the heroes. Although All For One managed to remove the obstacles that prevented him from reuniting with Tomura Shigaraki, there is still hope for the company of heroes.

Among the various scenarios proposed in this chapter, the last one proposes: a Cliffhanger that takes the reader back to the beginning of the playwhen class leader Iida went insane trying to avenge his brother Ingenium's retirement

In Kamino, where Dabi reached Endeavor, Shoto and Iida now they are almost at the end of their strength secretly observed by an old acquaintance of theirs. Stain, the Hero Killer who once tried to kill them and was instead defeated by the boys' strength, watches the two Yuei disciples from above.

But Why did Stain go to Shoto and Iida? The Hero Killer may be looking for revenge on his former enemies who sent him straight to Tartarus, but given what has been done previously for All Might, that possibility seems out of the question. Rather, it would be a gesture of Respect for two guys who have proven to be true heroes.

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