Kira's justice is solid, and Light decided to pursue a specific path, killing criminals and anyone who stood in his way. Different situation that arose death notice when another person capable of killing from afar emerged. The deaths quickly made it clear that he was dealing with someone else.

Light could extend its activity thanks to the intervention of Misa Amane, a fervent supporter of Kira and who had managed to get her hands on an extra Death Note thanks to Shinigami Rem. Taking advantage of this further notebook of death, Light fought his enemies to the end and also took advantage of the presence of Misa, who repeatedly proved important to further the conspiracy and plans of the emerging god of the new world.

Misa Amane has now come to life thanks to the interpretation of Hidori Rose. The cosplayer wore the black gothic lolita dress that the model wore several times throughout the saga, most notably during her first presentation on Yagami and Light. There's also an apple and the notebook next to her, hinting at it Cosplay of Misa Amane is ready to kill.

By the way, did you know that a Death Note parody aired in The Simpsons?

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