The last saga begins in ONE PIECE. This news comes from an advertising slogan for ONE PIECE Magazine, Volume 10, which will be available in Japan in a few weeks. This situation alarmed some fans who thought the ending was too short.

Obviously only because the latest saga is coming it doesn't mean that ONE PIECE will end very soon. This was also confirmed by Eiichiro Oda in an interview who made it clear how much time is left to complete his work. But during that chat that happened on TV a few days ago, other details about ONE PIECE surfaced behind the scenes.

Certain Eiichiro Oda shared a few anecdotes telling his relationship with the editors he had during serialization. As usual, the mangaka and the editor consult to understand how to take the manga or any particular event. Oda announced that its longest call lasted a full 12 hoursat the end of which the editor Hattori fell asleep from exhaustion.

Another adventure with an editor was that with the Cyrus manuscript. In this case, Editor Sugita was very angry with Oda for being late in delivering the ONE PIECE chapter. Al Sensei this chapter, which narrated the meeting between Rebecca and Cyrus, made him cry and when the editor put his hands on the final tables he also burst into tears.

Another anecdote the mangaka reveals is when Sugita was hired to be the editor of ONE PIECE. Oda joked that he preferred someone else.

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